Products Information

RLC® is a reliable non-contacting opto-electronic rotary connector which can transmit high data rate signals and power supply through a rotational interface with reliable signal integrity, immunity to noise and resistance to harsh environment.

About Nihon Maruko

Nihon Maruko International Group is a Japan based technology company specializing in the development and manufacturing of interconnect solutions for aerospace, defense and industrial markets.

Why Nihon Maruko?

Extensive Track Record
We have manufactured and sold diverse products mainly for the aeronautics, defense and aerospace industries, including JAXA-certified connectors and harnesses.

Unique Technologies and Development Abilities
We can design and manufacture products, such as harness assemblies, customized to your needs with our high level of technological and development abilities that we have independently cultivated.

Extensive Follow-up Services
We ensure a quick response to requests and inquiries, enabled by the fact that the majority of our products are manufactured internally in Japan. With highly reliable quality assurance, we also provide support after product delivery.