• Dual Channels of 1.5G hi-data rate signal link
  • Single lower data rate signal channel
  • Compact size & Light weight
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POFC-RLC Example Application


Product Outline

  • ・Dual channels of 1.5G high data rate signal transmission are suitable for multi sensor solutions such as surveillance/security systems.
  • ・A single lower data rate signal channel can be used for controlling signal transmission.
  • ・Durable in harsh environments. (see specifications)


Single bearing w/o bearing double bearings
Single bearing
w/o bearing
double bearings
"The single bearing POFC-D2-U1" has its signal path coupling inside the bearing.
Customers can integrate the unit into their structures to make a rotational signal transmission joint.
"The bearingless POFC-D2-U1" is designed to be integrated into customers' bearings. Depending on the size of the bearings, we can offer different unit sizes for the right fit. "The double bearing POFC-D2-U1" can be used when there is an existing bearing in customers' structures.
The POF-Coupling unit can be integrated into such structure without disturbing the functionality of the two bearings, yet giving it a rotational signal transmission joint .
Electrical characteristics
High speed signal transmission channel 1.5Gbps Uni-directional 2 channels (Rotor ⇒ Stator)
Low speed signal transmission channel 38.4Kbps Uni-directional 1 channel (Stator ⇒ Rotor)
Power input (*1) +3.3V +/-5%
Mechanical characteristics POFC-D2-U1 w/ bearing POFC-D2-U1 w/o bearing POFC-D2-U1 double bearings
Dimensions(dia.x h) & Weight (Optical Rotary Joint) φ8 x 4.5/16g φ23 x 25(MAX)/21g φ23 x 25(MAX)/21g
Dimensions(dia.x h) & Weight (EO/OE PCB Assy) φ16 x 10(x2)
Load limitation to the bearings Thrust load: 9.8N(MAX) Not specified (*3) Not specified (*3)
Rotation speed(rpm) 100rpm
Temperature range -40/+85deg C
Vibration resistance 10Hz - 2000Hz 147m/s²
Shock resistance 294m/s² 11ms

(*1) The power for RLC® is required at the rotor side and the stator side.
(*2) Diameter may differ depending on frame thickness.
(*3) Depending on customer bearings' characteristics.
(*4) For faster rotation speed, please consult our customer support.

Schematic IO & Wiring diagram

Stator side side Cable1
# Color Symbol Description Cablespec.
1 Yellow GND Ground UL AWG30
2 Black +3.3V_IN +3.3V Input UL AWG30
3 White SG Low data rate signal Ground UL AWG30
4 Blue SIG1 Low data rate signal Input (3.3V-LVCMOS) UL AWG30
5 White Rx1+ Differential signal Output+ U.FL-2LP-04 (Impedance 50ohm)
6 Black Rx1- Differential signal Output-
7 White Rx2+ Differential signal Output+
8 Black Rx2- Differential signal Output-
Rotor side
# Color Symbol Description Lead Wire
1 Yellow GND Ground UL AWG30
2 Black +3.3V_IN +3.3V Input UL AWG30
3 White SG Low data rate signal Ground UL AWG30
4 Blue SIG1 Low data rate signal Output (3.3V-LVCMOS) UL AWG30
5 White Tx1+ Differential signal Input+ U.FL-2LP-04 (Impedance 50ohm)
6 Black Tx1- Differential signal Input-
7 White Tx2+ Differential signal Input+
8 Black Tx2- Differential signal Input-