• 1.5 Gbps high speed data transmission
  • Bidirectional 1 Mbps low speed data transmission
  • DC12V/15W non-contacting power supply
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RLC-3-55-1.5G Example Application


Product Outline

RLC-3-55-1.5G is capable of maximum 1.5 Gbps signal transmission (unidirectional 1ch) from the rotor side to the stator side and up to 1 Mbps bidirectional signal transmission between the rotor side and stator side.
It is also capable of non-contacting signal transmission and non-contacting power supply (12V/15W) and permits 360-degree continuous rotation communication with a rotating body.
The channel for ultra-high-speed data transmission covers the transmission band of HD-SDI signals (SMTPE-292M). The low-speed data are bidirectional signals, so the product can be used for serial data transmission (RS232C, RS422, etc.) for controls.


Low-speed data transmission bidirectional 1ch STATOR ⇔ ROTOR
Ultra-high-speed data transmission unidirectional 1ch ROTOR → STATOR
Power-supply voltage DC12V±5%
Low-speed data transmission rate - 1Mbps
Ultra-high-speed data transmission rate 155Mbps - 1.5Gbps
Mechanical features
Rotation speed <100rpm
Dimensions (dia. xh) (mm) 55×58 (excl. the center shaft)
Weight <300g
Environmental features
Temperature range -20 / +60 degC
Vibration 10Hz to 2KHz 147m/s²
Shock 294m/s² 11ms


Schematic IO & Wiring diagram

Stator side
# Color Symbol Description Lead Wire
1 White SG Signal Ground UL AWG28
2 Blue CH1_OUT Signal 2_Output(3.3V-LVCMOS) UL AWG28
3 White SG Signal Ground UL AWG28
4 Red  CH2_IN Signal 1_Input(3.3V-LVCMOS) UL AWG28
5 Yellow +12V_IN +12V_Input UL AWG28
6 Black GND Power Ground UL AWG28
7 White Tx+ CML  Output+ U.FL-2LP-04(Hirose) Impedance 50ohms
8  White Tx- CML  Output-
Rotor side
# Color Symbol Description Lead Wire
1 Brown GND Ground UL AWG28
2 Orange +3.3V DC +3.3V/20mA(for Error indicator) UL AWG28
3 Gray Fault Error Output UL AWG28
4 Green Tx_Disable RLC internal circuit reset line UL AWG28
5 White SG Signal Ground UL AWG28
6 Blue CH2_OUT Signal 2_Output(3.3V-LVCMOS) UL AWG28
7 White SG Signal Ground UL AWG28
8 Red  CH1_IN Signal 1_Input(3.3V-LVCMOS) UL AWG28
9 Yellow +12V_OUT +12V_Output UL AWG28
10 Black GND Power Ground UL AWG28
11 White Rx+ CML  Input+ U.FL-2LP-04(Hirose) Impedance 50ohms
12  White Rx- CML  Input-